UK Scrap Metal - Scrap Metal via Parcel
To start off send us some pictures and the
weight of your metal using the form below
and we will then send you an estimated value
of your metal.

Please note we will only pay the price
quoted if your weight matches ours.
Prices We Pay For Scrap Metal:

Dry Bright Copper Wire £POA

Copper Tube £POA

No 2 Copper Wire £POA

Copper Cylinders £POA

Braziery £POA

Brass £POA

Car Batteries/Lead Acid Batteries £POA

Household Electrical Cable £POA

Singles Cable £POA

Cat 5 Data Cable £POA

Low Grade Cable £POA

Lead £POA

Stainless Steel £POA

Aluminium £POA

Electric Motors £POA

Scrap circuit boards £POA

Zinc £POA

Air Con Units £POA

Refining Alu (Part Ferrous) £POA

Heavy Steel £POA

Mixed Iron (Ferrous) £POA

So, if you have scrap metal at your home or workplace that
needs collecting, call us today for a free scrap metal
What is the opposite of 'up'?
T:020 8200 8656
M1: 07411 995 536
M2: 07802 780 631
markets can change on a
daily basis* / for today's
prices please call our
scrap metal information
line - details at the bottom
of this page.
UK Scrap Metal
Scrap Metal via Parcel
24 Hour Contact Number Tel 08726300123 at 14p min
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