What is scrap metal via parcel?

We are one of the first companies in the UK that
buys scrap metal via parcel, If you live in an area
where you have no scrap metal yards or you
simply wish to sell your metal by parcel we can

We recommend this service for valuable metals such as
copper and brass, you can send us a parcel of up to 15 kg
using companies like https://www.myhermes.co.uk/ once
we receive the parcel we will send your money via bank
transfer, paypal or cheque if preferred.

For bigger parcels we recommend
https://www.parcel2go.com/ they do much heavier parcels
and the prices are very reasonable, this would be suitable
for lead and cables.

On the Heavier parcels would would be happy to pay up to
half of the cost towards postage, We would
need to discuss the price and the metals you are sending

The same scrap metal laws apply which means we will need
you to email over valid Identification before we can release
a payment.

Once you have contacted us we will
advise you step by step, start to finish.

If you have a large amounts of metal then feel free to drop
off at our London premises 560 Market Way HA0 2BT.
UK Scrap Metal - Scrap Metal via Parcel
To start off send us some pictures and the
weight of your metal using the form below
and we will then send you an estimated value
of your metal.

Please note we will only pay the price
quoted if your weight matches ours.
What is 4 + 4?
T:020 8200 8656
M1: 07411 995 536
M2: 07802 780 631
We also have full time
drivers that do collections
7 days a week, We cover
London, Hertfordshire,
Middlesex, Surrey, Essex,
Kent and Bedfordshire
We also sell metals which
can be posted by parcel
anywhere in the UK
Lead has been quite popular
lately for business owners
that make lead fishing
tackle, you can contact us on
the same email address if
you also would like to use
this service.
UK Scrap Metal
Scrap Metal via Parcel
24 Hour Contact Number Tel 08726300123 at 14p min
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